April 22 Country Music Hall Of Fame; April 25 LJT Music Festival; April 28 POM Festival; May 10-13 Memphis to New Orleans; May 17 Country Music Hall Of Fame, May 19 Waxahatchie, TX, May 25-26, Abingdon, VA.

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Tour dates:

April 22:  Country Music Hall Of Fame: With Tony Arata.  Private performance.

April 25: Larry Joe Taylor Music Festival:  12:00pm performance.

April 28: The I'll Fly Away Power of Music Festival:  Bentonville, Arkansas.   With Roger Cook, Dennis Morgan, and Keith Sykes.

May 3-8: Paris, France for Family Wedding!

May 10-13: Hosted by: Kathy's Tavern and Grill: The City of New Orleans, Big Easy, Fast Pickin', Loud Singin', Hardly Drinkin' Tour. From Memphis to NOLA, and back on "the train they call the City Of New Orleans." with/Doyle Scoggins and Richard Burns

May 17: Country Music Hall of Fame: w/ Tony Arata

May 19: Waxahatchie, TX House Concert at Hugh and Dana's.

May 25 and 26: Richard Leigh Songwriters Festival in Abingdon, VA.  Contact Virginia Highlands Community College, or richardleighsongwritersfestival.com for ticket info. Tim Nichols, Dennis Morgan, and Tony Arata to highlight show.  Many local songwriters and contestants to perform as well.









photo provided by NSAI's photographer, Cooper Smith.

photo provided by NSAI's photographer, Cooper Smith.

During September 2017, Billy Dean and I had the honor of performing our song "Somewhere In My Broken Heart" at NSAI's 50th Anniversary - 50 Years of Song. It was NSAI's Song of the Year in 1991.